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Jewish holocaust WW2 ARMBAND from concentration camp Dachau

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30th of May 2015 at 1:15 PM
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Extremely rare Jewish holocaust WW2 ARMBAND from concentration camp Dachau

People deported to concentration camps ceased to be treated like human beings. Their names were replaced with numbers, which they had to memorize and respond to during role calls and other procedures. Their clothing was confiscated and replaced by uniforms that had patches sewn on to identify them on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Many lost their lives through starvation, disease, torture, and physical exhaustion. Some were shot or gassed.

For your viewing is a rare WW2 armband worn by Jev’s in Dachau concentration camp. The armband has a German stamp – DACHAU and prisoners number xxxxxx. We obtained a name of the owner of this armband from Dachau archive – the winner will receive this information. The item has a lot of wear during that awful time. The item has a huge historian value!

This particular armband passed very important test – it does not glow under the black lamp (all fabrics after 1945 glow under the black light) – please look at the image (for compare I put on the last image armband which glow under a black lamp).
Also the piece have an old smell that old authentic cloth keeps.
Recently armband from concentration camp sold on eBay for $386 !! – please look at the image bellow.



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