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German WW2 patch for Russian – Ukrainian OST worker + document

German WW2 patch for Russian
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2nd of April 2015 at 12:03 AM
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German WW2 patch for Russian – Ukrainian OST worker + document from concentration camp

The German regimes in the occupied countries of Europe force Jews and OST workers to wear an identifying mark under the threat of death. German signs was required to be worn by all OST worker in Germany, Poland, Bohemia and several other areas during WWII.
For your viewing is a rare German WW2 patch for OST worker from Russia, Ukrainian and other USSR region and document for OST woker. The Ost worker must wearing this patch on the right side of the chest. Both artifacts was belonged to the same guy. The document has a rare concentration camp stampNEUENGAMME – it is mean he was working in that concentration camp. Very rare items. All items are framed as pictured. Two small documents belonged to the same guy are selling on other listing.
This particular items passed very important test – it does not glow under the black lamp (all fabrics after 1945 glow under the black light). For sample I put a photo of young women with the same patches worn in Germany during WW2.

History: OST-Arbeiter (German: Ostarbeiter, English: Eastern Workers) was a designation for slave workers gathered from Eastern Europe to do forced labor in Nazi Germany during World War II. The Ostarbeiters were mostly from the territory of Reichskommissariat Ukraine (eastern Ukraine). Ukrainians made up the largest portion although many Belarusians, Russians, Poles and Tatars were also present. Estimates put the number of OST Arbeiters between 3 million and 5.5 million. Some estimate place the number as high as 8.5 million. Most were very young, under the age of 16, as those older than 16 were usually conscripted. 30% were as young as 12–14 years of age when they were taken to Germany. By November 1943 the age limit was dropped to 10. 50% of those taken from Ukraine were girls and women. OST-Arbeiters from Reichskommissariat Ukraine were forced to wear a dark blue, green and white (yellow) badge with “OST”, the German word for East.
Estimate price: $650 – $700.

D I S C O U N T is A V A I L A B L E
Guarantee: As you know for Holocaust artifacts it is very difficult to make Certificate of Authenticity – nobody has the right to do it, each of us has only his own opinion. And I cannot prove the authenticity – I was not there nor do I know the person that it belonged to. I think for most items of this sort of artifacts that unless you’ve known the person or were a family member, it is almost impossible to prove the authenticity. Also I am not a licensed dealer and can not give you Certificate of Authenticity. For this purpose I give to all of my clients 5 days for inspecting the item – the item can be returned for any reason for a full refund (minus shipping costs, paypal or bank transfer fee…).
This is very important example of the history. A very sad reminder of a very sad time, but nevertheless a real piece of Jewish history to teach your children or for the avid collector of these items. You will appreciate and respect these items as we do not want to forget what these people went through. As long as we keep the memory alive in these collectables, we will always honour the sacrifice. These items are perfect for education purposes or just adding to your display. Whatever the reason is these are very unique items. Show them to your friends, and help your children learn. These items were used in history by those who were unwillingly subjected to the crewel world of War. MUSEUM grade item that puts a face on the Holocaust that any human being can grasp. I believe these items will remind everyone of that awful period of history.

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